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Lenticular Postcards -- How much do they cost?

Lenticular postcards cost more than conventional postcards. Lenticular postcards cost less than conventional postcards.

In comparison with the standard 1% to 1.5% rate of response, lenticular postcards can dramatically increase the response to your next mailing to as high as 15% or 20%.

Instead of throwing lenticular postcards away, people tend to "play" with them, keep them, and show them around. So the response can keep coming in over a long period of time.

In addition, lenticular flip or motion or 3D postcards are memorable. The message-retention rate is at least three times that of a standard postcard with a similar design.

It is usually necessary to mail out a conventional postcard three times before people take note of it and consider making an inquiry.

You only have to mail out a lenticular postcard once to make a powerful impact. That can represent major savings in mailing costs and postage.

If it's a pre-show mailer or post-show follow-up, the impression you make is all-important.

If you count the cost statistically, in terms of response, a lenticular postcard costs less than a traditional postcard.

Lenticular postcards cost more to design and produce -- but all things considered, as an advertising investment, they cost less.

Instead of mailing the same postcard out three times, you only have to send a lenticular postcard once.

And if you divide your total advertising investment by the size of the potential response, you can't go wrong!

How much? It depends on your design, the size of the card and the quantity you need.

Call us at 262-703-9999 to discuss your upcoming project. We will be happy to give you free samples and a firm quote.

And we can mail your lenticular postcards out for you -- at the same rates we charge for our standard postcard mailing services!


Lenticular graphics for DVDs -- jewel cases and clamshell cases -- are as reasonable as postcards.

The price depends on size and quantity.

But the impact is bound to help you set your DVD apart from all the rest and greatly increase your potential sales.

3D, motion and flip DVD inserts can make your product virtually jump off the shelf.

Lenticular displays have been shown to "deliver 5x the stopping power and 2x the staying power"

3D Mouse Pads
Custom Printing - Custom Design

Lenticular Mouse Pads -- How much?

What can be more efficient than desktop advertising?

Promote your company's domain name and logo on an exciting 3D mousepad!

A lot of companies give away mouse pads as premiums, in the hope that their customers will use them.

If you want to be sure that your mouse pad will be the one that finds a home next to your customer's computer, it will have to be unique.

Lenticular mousepads are not just unique. They are fantastic -- and functional, with an excellent tracking surface.

If someone gave you a great 3D mouse pad, wouldn't you use it -- even show it around -- and wish you had another one to use at home?

3D mouse pads can be surprisingly inexpensive.

There are different sizes, qualities and thicknesses, and we will be happy to work with you to zero in on a style, size and price that will fit your budget.

Call us at 262-703-9999 to discuss your objectives -- and ask for some free samples!linticular

~ Lenticular Displays ~
Trade Shows

Custom Printing - Custom Design

Lenticular Displays: Trade Show, P.O.S., and Posters ...

Lenticular is a fantastic new way to call attention your products and services!

Stop people in their tracks in your store or in your lobby!

Increase your trade show traffic by 50% - 200%!

Use a display that statistically delivers "5x the stopping power and 2x the staying power"!

Make your visitors and customers dwell on your message and remember your name and your products.

At TMC Marketing Communications and 3D-Mousepads.com we can provide you with large or small front-lit or backlit displays.

We can outfit your trade show booth with individual panels, tower graphics, or create a magnificent all-lenticular booth.

We can produce an individual poster or set up a cost-effective, ongoing lenticular display program for all of your retail outlets.

Lenticular technology is attaining new heights in terms of quality and affordability. We will be happy to give you a quote.

Be the first to make a splash at your trade show or in your mall or shopping district!

Please call us at 262-703-9999 for details and samples.

2011 Gallery Sample:
Set of three 36" x 96" Free-Standing Panels.
The lenticular area is 36" x 48".


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