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Call 262-703-9999. Ask about lenticular postcards! Click here to learn more about our specialty - 3D postcards and other lenticular promotional products.

Advertise Your Web Site
the Easy Way!

Send potential customers a LENTICULAR POSTCARD

  • Promote your Web site! Tell them where you are on the Web and why they should visit you.
  • Call us at 262-703-9999 for more information.

No Postcard Goes Unopened!

Imagine your Home Page here with complementary background colors!

And people KEEP lenticular postcards!

A standard 4" x 6" card gives you the option of
mailing it independently as a postcard or enclosing it in a
standard #10 business envelope with an invoice or a letter.

Is it important to promote your domain name?
  • Your domain name is not just a name, but the window to your world. This one name allows anyone in the world to find you, learn all about you, and contact you with the click of a mouse. Think about it! It's like having your company name, address, phone number, corporate brochure, and return mailer all wrapped up into one little word. You can't afford not to advertise it.
  • Why use postcards? No postcard goes unopened! And people keep lenticular postcards they receive in the mail!
Ask about our Design & Printing Services

If you want us to mail your cards out for you, please call or read more about our FULFILLMENT services below.


Mailing Services

  • We can mail your cards PRESORTED FIRST CLASS with instructions to return all undeliverable cards or save more money via PRESORTED STANDARD.
  • We will address your cards for you (from a supplied database or supplied labels).
  • We can use our postal indicia or provide and apply the first-class postage.
  • We will mail out as many cards as you like (no minimum), as often as you like, and warehouse the rest in the meanwhile.

Mailing Prices

  • We offer one simple plan. We provide all of the "Mailing Services" described above at a competitive rate. Please call us at 262-703-9999 for more information.
  • Mailing Services are payable in advance of each mail-out. There is no charge for warehousing your unmailed cards.

Mailing Lists

  • We can assemble a current mailing list for you, based on SIC codes, company size, location, etc. The cost will vary with the size & nature of the list.
  • Or you can provide us with a partial list from your own database, and we can merge it with an acquired list.
  • Or you can provide a complete list to us, either printed on labels or as an electronic file. Electronic files should be emailed to john@tmcmarketing.com. Printed labels should be sent to TMC Marketing Communications at our address below.

For more information, call us at 262-703-9999 or send an email.

Our Specialty! Call 262-703-9999 and ask about our custom lenticular postcards and pricing for lenticular postcards. Click here to learn more about our 3D postcards and other lenticular promotional products.

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