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3D-Mousepads Dot Com: Designing and Producing Corporate Promotional Products: Custom printed 3D Mousepads, 3D postcards, full-color printed UV plastic-coated postcards, pocket folders, coffee mugs, promotional items; DVD encoding, digital video; web page design, hosting and promotion.

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Put your name in front of your clients & prospects every time they sit down at their computer!

Picture your products or services and promote your company's Web address and logo on unique, eye-catching custom printed 3D lenticular mousepads.

Our 3D Mouse Pad simulation may take a little while to load.

One of our custom printed 3D mouse pads

We also offer conventional mouse pads:

  • Economical SlimPad with a TruTrac lenticular surface and an EasyGrip backing
  • CushionPad with a TruTrac lenticular surface and a 1/16" deluxe rubber backing
  • CushionPad with a TruTrac lenticular surface and a 1/8" deluxe rubber backing

We offer three basic 3D mouse pad styles:
  • Soft-top full color pads with 1/8" rubber backing

For current prices on all our pads, email your request or call us toll-free at 888-664-9789 .

How do 3D Mouse Pads work?

No, you don't need any glasses. The textured surface of the mousepad (which is perfect for mouse traction) is really a series of tiny lenses which create a fascinating 3D illusion and make your graphics come to life. Using the same materials, we can also create "flip," "morph," and "motion" illusions.

What services do we offer?

At TMC Marketing, we offer complete layout, design, production and fulfillment services.

We can work from your photos or transparencies, or we can photograph your products in a dramatic way -- in our studio or on location -- to create a Real-3D series of frames from high-resolution 4 x 5 transparencies. We can then process and interlace the frames into a final 3D mousepad graphic with the ultimate realistic 3D look.

We also can create great 3D from cartoons or line art:

We mount our mousepads to a high-quality textured rubber backing or apply a durable anti-skid surface which will cling to the desk.

Let us create a custom 3D Mouse Pad -- SilmPad or CushionPad -- for your company. It will give you a fascinating and unique kind of promotional product that your clients and potential customers will want to keep and use -- and show off to all of their friends.

Warning! Whoever gets one from you will probably ask for another, one for the computer in his office and one for his computer at home!

NEW! Now we are also offering 3D and motion lenticular postcards and lenticular trade show displays. Also check out our special UV plastic-coated postcards and our postcard mailing services.

Call us toll-free at 888-664-9789 to learn more ...
... or send us an email.

How much do they cost?

Every job is a custom job, designed to promote your company, your products, and your Web address.

We can work from existing graphics which you supply to us, or we can do the entire job for you from scratch, including Real-3D photography.

Pricing depends on the style of the mouse pad you prefer and the quantity you need.

To receive a quote or more information about our mouse pad styles and prices, call us toll-free at 888-664-9789 or send us an email.

! Special Money-Saving Program for Major Manufacturers & Distributors !

Low-Cost Production ... If you are a manufacturer with multiple distributors and would like to include their unique contact information on your 3D Mouse Pads, we have a cost-effective program especially for you.

Customization ... We can mass-produce your custom 3D Mouse Pads at an attractively low cost -- and then imprint each distributor's name, logo, Web address, and contact information on designated quantities.

Fulfillment ... We will then ship the final imprinted products, in designated quantities, directly to each of your distributors.

If you would like a quote on your project, please email your request or call us toll-free at 888-664-9789.

How important is it to promote your domain name?
  • Your domain name is not just a name, but the window to your world. This one name allows anyone in the world to find you, learn all about you, and contact you with the click of a mouse. Think about it! It's like having your company name, address, phone number, corporate brochure, and return mailer all wrapped up into one little word. You can't afford not to advertise it.
  • The mere fact that you promote your Web site sends the message that your company's in step with the times. And look around you ...
  • The up-and-coming generation of purchasing agents is the Internet generation. It's true that personal contact still is, and always will be, the most important factor in making a sale and maintaining a good relationship.
  • But the Internet is more and more becoming the place where new clients can find you and learn about your company ... and the easiest way for them to continue to communicate with you "in writing," transfer graphics, and place their orders.
  • Where are you when you are reading this? You're on the Internet, and your hand is on your mousepad.

Why use 3D MOUSE PADS?

  • Obviously, for the Internet generation, mousepads are a superb advertising vehicle ... but only if your client or prospect uses the mousepad that has your advertising on it.
  • To be the mousepad of choice, yours will have to be not only functional, but also unique and exciting in its design.
  • Our 3D mousepads may be just what you've been looking for. Not only are they unique - "3D" says it all - but they also offer a textured surface which provides superior mouse traction and are mounted on a high-quality, slip-resistant rubber base.
  • Please call us at 414-481-5100 for a quote and more information. Or send us an email.
  • Welcome to the New Frontier!

NEW! Now we are also offering 3D and motion lenticular postcards and lenticular trade show displays. Also check out our special UV plastic-coated postcards and our postcard mailing services.

Call us toll-free at 888-664-9789, or send us an email.


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